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Test 8

^ Present tenses for the future. Refer the situations to the future actions or the present ones.

A)Future B) Present

  1. - What's the man doing?

- He is mending the bike.

  1. - What are they doing?

- They're watching TV.

3. - What are you doing on Saturday?

- We're visiting the Tower.

4. - Can you mend the table?

- Sorry , but I'm washing my car.

5. - Is Ann coming to the concert tomorrow?

- No, she isn't.

6. - Your sister is walking the dog, isn't she?

- Yes, she is.

7. - What time are Nick and John coming?

- I believe, Ann knows.

8. - When does the plane leave?

- It leaves at 8.00 p.m.

9. - Who's standing with John at the moment?

- I'm sorry, I don't know.

10. - Are you working next week?

- I think, I am.

11. - What time does the film begin?

- I suppose at 7.30, as usual.

12. - Are you meeting Jane this evening?

  • I hope so.

Test 9

Simple / Continuous. Choose either the Present Simple or the Present Continuous in the following sentences.

A) Present Simple B) Present Continuous

1. He's in the bath room. I ____ (to think) he ____ (I wash) his hair.

2. Can I speak to your parents, please?

I'm sorry. They____ (to have) lunch at the moment.

3. I usually ____ (to cook) meals, and my brother ___ (to wash) the dishes.

4. Mr. Anderson ____ (to be) an English tourist who ____ (to travel) to Eastern Europe tomorrow. Just now he ____ (to have) breakfast at home. After breakfast he ____ (to go) to do a lot of things.

5.She's a school teacher. She ____ (to teach) maths.

6. I _____ (to wear) glasses only for reading and watching TV.

7. On Sundays they ____ (to have) dinner at a restaurant.

8. Oh, I ____ (to go) to work as a nurse in Africa, in Kenya, and I____ (to look) forward to it because it's such an exotic country for me.

9. Some pupils are outside. They ____ (to try) to get in.

10. The weather____ (to be) terrible today.

11. You can't miss him. He ____ (to wear) a white jacket, and he ____ (to carry) a striped umbrella.

12. We ____ (to wear) woollen clothes in winter.

13. We ____ (to organize) a holiday walking tour in the North of Scotland. We____(to go) to cover 150 miles of mountainous country in ten days. It ____ (to go) to be a hard work. We ____ (to go) to be wet, cold and tired a lot of the time. But it ____ (to go) to be fun!

14. It ____ (to rain) again.

Test 10

Simple / Continuous. Choose either the Present Simple or Present Continuous in the following sentences.

A) Present Simple B) Present Continuous

1.The coffee ____ (to taste) delicious.

2. We ____ (to look for) someone who ____ (to want) to make money.

3.John ____ (to play) in the school team this season.

4.____ you ____ (to see) that nice butterfly near the stream?

5. If you ____ (not to listen ) to the radio, please ____ ( to switch) it off.

6. I____ (to hear) someone speaking in the next room.

7. We ____ (to see off) our grandparents this morning.

8. Don't disturb him. He ____ (to water) flowers in the garden.

9.The cook ____ (to taste) the soup to see if it is right.

10. I (to like) this cake, I ( to taste) almond in it.

11. I (not to want) to go anywhere. I (to have) a headache. I

( to feel) tired.

12.It __ (to get) dark. Let's go home.

13. Jane (to have) got cold. I (not to think)she'll come to the party.

14. I ____ (to have) my hair cut on Tuesday.

15. The sea ____ (to grow) calmer. We can go to the beach in the afternoon.

16. You ____ (always to make) mistakes in your tests. You should be more attentive.

17. What ____ they ____ (to laugh) at? They ____

(to seem) to be very happy.

18.I ____ (to see ) my employer on Wednesday morning.

19. Who ____ this suitcase ____ (to belong) to?

20. The world ____ (to change) rapidly in such fields as business, art and medicine.

Test 11

Future Simple. Fill in the blanks.

A) will B) won't C) shall

1. How old ____ you be next birthday?

2. Our teacher is ill so she ____ be at school next week.

3. We haven't got any money so we ____ go on holiday this year.

4. ____ you be at home tomorrow?

5. It's already 5 o'clock. I'm afraid they catch their train.

6. ____ I send the letter immediately?

7. Who ____ meet you at the station?

8. Your English is good. I'm sure you pass the test.

9. What time ____ I come this evening?

10. If you don't work hard, you ____ pass your test.

11.I ____ get the book for you. This ____ take long.

12. The train arrive at the station on time, it?

13. Do sit down, you?

14. Where I go to buy all these things?

15. There be any trouble,____ there?

Test 12

Will / be going to. Choose either the Future Simple or be going to in the following sentences.
A) will B) be going to

  1. It probably ____ (not to rain) tomorrow.

2. ____ you ____ (to come) to my house, please?

3. Why have you got the flowers?

Because I ____ (to visit) my teacher.

4.The sky is very dark. It ____ (to rain).

5. Come to the party.

- OK. I ____ (to bring) my friend.

6. I ____ (to walk) the dog.

Wait a minute, and I ____ (to come) with you.

7. I probably never (to learn) this poem.

8. I (to stop) smoking - I really will.

9. Have you decided what to buy Alex for his birthday?

Yes, I ____ (to buy) a computer game.

10. I love sewing. I ____ (to be) a fashion designer.

11. How about going for a picnic at the weekend?

That's a good idea. I ____ (to make) a cake.

12.What fashion ( to be) like in the year 2000?

I’m sure people (not to wear) long dresses and suits. Clothes ___ ( to be)

comfortable and simple.

13. How long ____ it ____ (to take) you to do the work?

14. John, ____ you ____ (to do) me a favour?

15. Look at that tree. It ____ (to fall) down.

Test 13

Future actions. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Future Simple.

A) Future Simple B) Present Simple

1. If I ____ (to be free) tomorrow night, I ____ (to go) to the concert.

2. He says he ____ (to look in) to see us before he ____ (to leave) our town.

3. Jane ____ (to stay) at home until she ____ (to feel) better.

4. When ____ you ____ (to visit) your grandma? - Probably next year.

5. When my brother ____ (to finish) school he ____ (to go) to college.

6. I _____ (to tell) you as soon as I ____ (to know).

7. I'd like to know when Dan ____ (to be back).

8. Give my love to Laura if you ____ (to see) her.

9. I ____ (not to know) when she ____ (to take) her


10. I don't think we ____ (to finish) our work in time

unless you ____ (to help) us.

11.I ____ (to give ) you my bike for tomorrow providing

you ____ (to bring) it back the day after tomorrow.

12. Mother says we____ (to have dinner) after she____ (to unpack) our things.

13. Don't get off the train until it ____ (to stop).

14. You may take this book if you ____ (not to keep) it too long.

15. Your boss ____ (to give) you the day off on condition that you ____ (to work) on Saturday morning.

16. Provided that they ____ (not to do) anything stupid, they ____ (to win) tonight's match easily.

17. Unless he ( to arrive) soon, we ( to have to) go without him.

18. I ( to wonder) if they ( to follow) our advice.

Past Simple. Present Perfect. Present Perfect / Present Perfect Continuous

Test 14

Was / were. Put in was or were.

A) was B) were

Last night I had a strange dream. I ___1___ in the world where all the colours 2 different. The grass 3 orange, the trees 4 white; in the green sky there 5 a purple sun and a moon the colour of blood. I 6 a child again, eight years old, and I 7 lost. But I 8 not frightened. In front of me there 9 a long street, stretching away as far as I could see.

There 10 no people, but all around me I heard the noise of big insects. It __11___ neither cold nor hot. I walked until I came to a church. In the church there 12 hundreds of people, all looking at me. They started to come towards me, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Then I woke up.
Test 15

Questions. Choose the correct variant of the question.

Bill was at home last night. He cleaned his clothes. First he put them in the washer. Next he added soap. Later he placed the clothes in the dryer. Then he folded them. Bill was very proud he did it himself.

1. A) Did Bill at home last night?

B) Did Bill was at home last night?

C) Did Bill be at home last night?

D) Was Bill at home last night?

2. A) Who did be at home last night?

B) Who was at home last night?

C) Who did at home last night?

D) Who did was at home last night?

3. A) When did Bill at home?

B) When did Bill was at home?

C) When was Bill at home?

D) When did Bill be at home?

4. A) Who cleaned clothes last night?

B) Who did cleaned clothes last night?

C) Who was cleaned clothes last night?

D) Who did clean clothes last night?

5. A) When Bill cleaned his clothes?

B) When did Bill cleaned his clothes?

C) When was Bill cleaned his clothes?

D) When did Bill clean his clothes?

6. A) What he did first?

B) What was he do first?

C) What was he did first?

D) What did he do first?

7. A) Where he put them?

B) Where was he put them?

C) Where he was put them?

D) Where did he put them?

8. A) Why he placed them in the dryer?

B) Why did he place them in the dryer?

C) Why was he placed them in the dryer?

D) Why did he placed them in the dryer?

9. A) Was he folded them after that?

B) Did he folded them after that?

C) Did he fold them after that?
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