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^ Вы решили пообедать (перекусить) в кафе с другом. Закажите себе еду и напитки. Не забудьте расплатиться.

Загадайте любое блюдо. Одногруппники должны его угадать с помощью вопросов.

Last week I caught a bеd cold. I felt bad. I had a running nose, a bad cough and a sore throat. The temperature was 38.5. I also had a headache and couldn’t sleep. I decided to go to the clinic. The doctor examined me and said that I had the flu. He told me to stay in bаd for a few days and prescribed some medicine. He put me on the sick list. When I returned home, I went to bed at once. I had some hot tea with honey and took some medicine. The treatment helped me. Soon I felt better and a few days later I recovered.

My temperature became normal. When I came to the clinic again, the doctor said that everything was all right and I could go to my office. He advised me to spend a lot of time in the open air and devote more time to sport.
medicine - медицина, лекарство

health - здоровье

How are you? - Как ваше здоровье?

How do you feel? - Как вы себя чувствуете?

You look the very picture of health - У вас цветущий вид.

to be taken ill - заболеть

consulting – room - приемная врача

ambulance - автомобиль скорой помощи

patient - больной

What is the trouble? - На что жалуетесь?

сomplaint - жалоба

hurt - причинить боль

something is wrong with my heart - У меня болит сердце

pain - боль

headache - головная боль

toothache - зубная боль

ear – ache - боль в ухе

to be nervous - нервничать

cold - простуда

heart attack - сердечный приступ

sneeze - чихать

fever - жар, лихорадка

cough - кашель, кашлять

wound - рана

diagnose - ставить диагноз

disease - болезнь

examine - осматривать

treatment - лечение

prescription - рецепт

operate - оперировать

recover - выздоравливать

chemist’s (shop) - аптека

Ответьте на вопросы

You were ill last month (week), weren’t you? 2. What were the symptoms? 3.You consulted a doctor, didn’t you? 4. What did the doctor tell you to do? 5. Did you take his advise? 6. How long did you stay in bed? 7. When did you recover? 8. How do you feel now? 9. Do you spend much time in the open air? 10. Do you keep to a diet? 11. What is it necessary to do to be healthy? 12. What do you usually do when you have a headache?
Расскажите о том, как вы однажды заболели и посетили врача.

Расспросите своего товарища:

А) о его здоровье

Б) о здоровье вашего общего друга


  • Could I speak to Ann, please?

  • Speaking.

  • Oh, hello, Ann. This is Kate.

  • Hi, Kate. Glad to hear you. How are you?

  • Fine, and you?

  • I’m fine, too.

  • Thank you for the birthday card and the compact disk. The card gave me as much pleasure as the disk.

  • How was it, good?

  • It’s the best music I’ve ever heard.

You are always aware of all my wishes!

We missed you at the birthday party.

  • It’s a pity. I couldn’t come. But you know the reason.

  • Yes, I do. I hope you are going to the disco tonight.

  • Sure. See you there. Bye.

  • Bye.

card – открытка

compact disk – компакт-диск

pleasure – удовольствие

to be aware of – знать

wish – желание

to miss – чувствовать недостаток

reason – причина, повод

disco – дискотека

tonight – сегодня вечером

  1. Пригласи своего друга на концерт по телефону.

  2. Выясни у своего друга домашнее задание.

My name is … I’m seventeen years old. I live in Sterlitamak ( … )

I’m not very tall (tall, short) and thin (not very thin, rather fat). My face is oval (round, square). I have a fair (dark) complexion. My eyes are blue (black, grey), my hair is blond (dark, chestnut), straight (curly) and long (short, not very long).

I left school this year and entered the Pedagogical Institute of Sterlitamak. I’m a first year student now and I’m going to be a teacher. My future speciality is … (Russian and Literature, History, Physics, Mathematics …). I’m eager to get the proper education to be able to do my best to become a good specialist.

I live with my family. It is large (small) and very good. We love each other very much. I like the evenings, when all the members of our family get together after werk and study and have the opportunity to talk TV, to read books and newspapers. I have some free time, we go for walks, discuss books or films, play talk about different things. We are fond of sport. We like swimming (play tennis, football) and often go to the swimming pool (tennis court, stadium) together.
fair – светлый

dark – темный

complexion – цвет лица

chestnut – каштановый

straight – прямой

curly – кудрявый

enter – поступить

speciality – специальность

to be eager to – желать, стремиться

proper – подходящий, необходимый

education – образование

to be able – быть в состоянии

opportunity – возможность

affair – дело

  1. Расскажи о своем друге.

  2. Опиши членов своей семьи.

About 80 percent of Russia is in the temperate zone, 18 percent is Arctic and 2 percent is subtropical. In most regions the climate is continental with hot, short summers and cold, long winters. In the European part of the country the Pechora region, has the lowest average winter temperature (around –300C). The Siberia has a more continental climate than the European part of the country, winters are colder and longer, summers are hotter and shorter. Verkhoyansk, a town in eastern Siberia, the average January temperature there is below 500C. The Black Sea coast forms a separate climatic zone, with warm winters and hot summers.

  1. 30 0C читается: minus thirty degrees centigrade – минус 30 по Цельсию.

  2. 0 0С читается: zero centigrade – ноль градусов.

about – около high - высокий

above – свыше hot - жаркий

around – около humid - влажный

average – средний low - низкий

below – ниже mild - мягкий

changeable – изменчивый moderate - умеренный

climate – климат percent - процент

coast – побережье rainy - дождливый

cool – прохладный region – район, область

dry – сухой separate - отдельный

short – короткий so-called – так называемый

spring – весна winter - зима

autumn – осень summer - лето

temperate – умеренный weather - погода

year-long temperature – годовая температура pole – полюс

Answer the Questions.

1. What climatic zones are there in Russia?

2. Which of the European regions has the lowest average winter temperature?

3. What region has the highestwinter temperature in Russia?

4. What’s Verkhoyansk called?

5. What’s the average winter temperature in Verkhoyansk?

6. What climate zone does the Black Sea Coast form?

Give a Summery of the Text.
Make up situations Using these Words and Word Combinations.

The Climatic zones of the European Part of Russia: to vary, from region to region, continental areas, the average winter temperature, the highest summer temperature, above, below.

The climate and Weather in the Place Where I Was During My Last Vacation: hot (warm), the sun, bright, to go for hikes, cool, dry, to rain, humid.
^ Translate into English.
В России несколько климатических зон. Самая большая климатическая зона – это умеренная.

В европейской части страны климат мягче, чем в Сибири.

Самая низкая средняя зимняя температура в районе р. Печоры: около-30 0C.

Черноморское побережье находится в субтропической зоне: зима теплая, лето жаркое.

Среднегодовая температура ниже на Севере.
^ Speak on the Climate of Baschkortostan.

Translate these dialogs into Russian. Act them out.
It’s a Beautiful Morning.

А. It’s a beautiful morning isn’t it?

В. Yes, it is. There isn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun is shining brightly. I’m afraid it may be hot the afternoon.

А. It’s 20 0C now. I’ve just heard over the radio the temperature may rise 29 0C in the afternoon.

В. That wouldn’t be so nice.
What an Awful Day!

А. What an awful day today!

В. Yes. The weather is awful, isn’t it?

А. I hate it when it rains.

В. So do I. It was worse yesterday, wasn’t it? It rained all day long.

А. Do you know the weather forecast for tomorrow?

В. No change for the better. Cold and rainy in the morning and windy in the afternoon.

А. That ‘s too bad.
With the development of industry, technology, trade and economic ties among the countries and ordinary people a great volume of business is done by mail. It is true that the telephone telegraph, telex and fax do speed transactions, but they also run up expenses to such an extent that practical businessman and economic people use these modern means of communication for matters requiring immediate action or messages which can be expressed briefly.

Business letters concern us in our daily living, especially those of us who live abroad and deal with foreigners.

People write business letters in many situations: concluding contracts, booking a seat in an airplane, reserving hotel accommodation, booking theatre tickets, writing order – letters, letters of inquiry and claim letters (letters of complaint) covering letters, letters of confirmation, letters of guarantee. A business letter, like a friendly or social letter, should make a favorable impression. In order that a letter may create this impression, it should be neatly written or typed, properly spaced on the page and correctly folded in the envelope.

The parts of a business letter. The basic outline for a business letter is that of any letter: the heading, the inside address, the salutation, the body of the letter, the complimentary close and the signature. If you forget something you mean to say in the letter, put it in a PS at the bottom of the page.
development of industry - развитие промышленности

volume - объем

a great volume of business - большой объем дел

to speed - ускорятьt

to speed transactions - ускорять дело

to run up expenses - увеличивать расходы

to a great extent - в значительной степени

to concern - касаться

letter - письмо, буква

order-letter - письмо-заказ

inquiry letter - письмо-запрос

claim letter - письмо-жалоба

covering letter - сопроводительное письмо

letter of confirmation - письмо подтверждение

letter of guarantee - гарантийное письмо

to type - печатать на машинке

to space - размещать

to fold - сгибать

envelope - конверт

heading - заголовок

inside address - адрес получателя

salutation - приветствие

body of the letter - текст письма

complimentary close - заключительная формула вежливости

signature - подпись

circular letter - циркуляр

to forget - забывать
Задание 1

Внимательно прочитайте пример деловой переписки.

University High School Stamp

155 East 44th Street Mr. H.Buford

New York 17, Fisher, Chief

New York Public Information

Service United Nations

UN Plaza

New York, New York
4th September, 2001

Dear Mr. Fischer

Our English class occasionally sends speakers to other oral – English classes as part of our program of work during the term. This year we should like to aid in publicizing UN activity during the forthcoming annual Assembly of the United Nations due to open this September.

Very truly yours

Laura Winston.

Задание 2

Внимательно изучите структуру делового письма и ответьте на вопросы:

  1. What kind of letter is it?

  2. Does the solution “Dear Mr. Fischer” scow that the correspondent is unknown to the author or known to him personally?

  3. What does the body of the letter deal with?

  4. Is the complimentary formal or informal?

Задание 3

Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную форму.

21st June 1999

Dear Mr. Brown

If just (to read) your promotion to sales manager. Let me (to offer) my warmest congratulations. I (not have) to tell you that all of us (to wish) you best of luck in your new position. We (to be sure) we (to read) more good news about you in the trade papers in the future.

Yours sincerely

F. Popov
Задание 4

Переведите на английский язык.

  1. Письмо должно быть посвящено одному вопросу.

  2. Деловые письма подписываются от руки четко.

  3. Деловые письма пишутся на фирменных бланках.

  4. Умение писать деловые письма имеет огромное значение для ведения коммерческой деятельности.

Задание 5

Выучите заключительные фразы деловой переписки.

  1. We expect your early reply – надеемся на быстрый ответ

  2. Please inform us in the shortest possible time – просим сообщить нам как можно скорее

  3. We are looking forward to your consent –ожидаем вашего согласия

  4. Yours faithfully = yours truly - с уважением

Задание 6

Составьте деловые письма по заданным ситуациям.

  1. Письмо-благодарность.

  2. Жалоба на задержку с ответом.

  3. Письмо-поздравление.

  4. Письмо-просьба.

Задание 1

Прочитайте и переведите диалог между миссис Райт (W) договаривающейся через секретаря фирмы (1) с менеджером Хелари Бичем (НВ) о приеме на работу.
S. Compact Systems. Good afternoon.

W. Good afternoon. Could I speck to Hillary Beacham, please.

S. What is your name ?

W Adel Wright.

S. Thank you. What’s it about, please?

W. The secretarial job advertised in last night’s paper.

S. Ah, yes. You rang this morning, didn’t you?

W. Yes, that’s right.

S. Hold on a moment, please, Mrs Wright. I’ll just connect you.

W. Thank you.

HB. Hillary Beacham speaking.

W. Good afternoon. My name’s Adel Wright. I am ringing in connection with the secretarial job advertised in last night’s paper.

HB. Ah, yes, Mrs. Wright. You rang this morning, didn’t you?

W. Yes.

HB. Well, can I ask you a few questions?

W. Of course.

HB. I presume you’ve worked in a computer company?

W. Yes, I’ve had four years with DB Systems.

HB. Are you still there now?

W. Yes, I am.

HB. I see. And what about your duties there?

W. Well, I work in the sales department I handle all the inquiries.

HB. I see. And are these written inquiries?

W. Both written and phone calls.

HB. And do you have to do a lot of typing?

W. No, in fact I use the phone for nearly all inquiries.

HB. And how about shorthand?

W. Well, to be honest it’s a bit rusty.

HB. Come here, apply for position fill in the form.

W. Thank you.
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