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A. is B. does C. do

2. It often rain in summer.

A. don’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t

3. Dad usually on Saturdays.

A. is working B. works C. work

4. Call for an ambulance if he worse.

A. will fill B. feel C. feels

5. The weather is nice today, but it bad yesterday.

A. is B. did C. was

6. My parents to the USA many times.

A. have been B. were C. have being

7. My sister and her husband since last Christmas.

A. have been married B. were married C. are married

8. I saw light in the window as I by.

A. passed B. was passing C. passing

9. You this test for two hours and can’t complete it.

A. have written B. are writing C. have been writing.

10. We were late. The meeting an hour before.

A. started B. had started C. had been started.

11. Why are you looking so unhappy? – I my purse.

A. have lost B. had lost C. am loosing

12. He quickly forgot everything he at school.

A. learnt B. had learnt C. was learning

13. He when you come back tonight.

A. will sleep B. will be sleeping C. will have been sleeping

14. Plants die if you water them.

A. won’t B. don’t C. wouldn’t

15. Would you mind the door?

A. to close B. closing C. close

16. You look tired. If I were you I a rest.

A. take B. will take C. would take

17. Do you enjoy .

A. teaching B. to teach C. teachers

18. I speak to Jane, please?

A. could B. shall C. must

19. My sight is getting worse. Next year, I’m afraid I to read without glasses.

A. cannot B. may not C. won’t be able

20. Look! The bridge .

A. is being repaired B. is been repaired C. has repaired

21. In Greece the Olympic Games once in four years.

A. were held B. are being held C. are held

22. Yesterday Tom heard that his aunt for five days.

A. was ill B. had been ill C. has been ill

23. We were told that Andrew to enter the college.

A. is going B. went C. was going

24. Are you married?

A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I am. C. Yes, I did.

25. does it cost to stay at the Hilton Hotel?

A. How many? B. What C. How much

26.You like black coffee, ?

A. aren’t you B. don’t you C. do you

27. Can you play piano?

A. the B. a C. an

28. What lovely song!

A. an B. the C. a

29. I went to France last year.

A. B. the C. a

30. I met my friend yesterday

A. goodest B. best C. better

31. This is theatre in London.

A. an older B. the oldest C. the eldest

32. He has time than me.

A. bigger B. much C. more

33. You watch TV too .

A. few B. much C. many

34. I don’t want or help.

A. advices B. an advice C. advice

35. Everybody ready.

A. is B. are C. am

36. is new.

A. The text-book of Liz B. The Liz’s text-book C. Liz’s text-book

37. Listen to me when I’m to you.

A. telling B. talking C. told

38. Three weeks later I for Moscow.

A. left B. had left C. leaving

39. We some good films recently.

A. seeing B. saw C. have seen

40. She was the most delightful person I .

A. have ever met B. had ever met C. ever met

41. I at the hotel for a fortnight when I received your letter.

A. had stayed B. was staying C. had been staying

42. Would it be all right if I at six?

A. came B. come C. will come

43. Nobody answers the phone. They be out.

A. must B. would C. should

44. Yesterday we to the restaurant.

A. are invited B. were invited C. invite

45. Mike hoped that his friend him with his car.

A. would help B. will help C. helping

46. Where is post-office, please?

A. the next B. nearer C. the nearest

47. I earn money than he does.

A. littler B. more little C. less

48. Money not everything.

A. is B. are C. am

49. Where are my glasses? Has anybody seen ?

A. it B. its C. them

50. The old man that he wanted a cup of tea.

A. said B. told C. telling

Контрольно-измерительные материалы

по английскому языку

A. These

B. This books are very good.

C. That

A. that

2. Are B. those people very nice?

C. there


A. It has

B. It is a dog in the garden.
C.There is

4. What's that? B. It is my new computer.

С There


A. Their

B. They're is a good film at the Odeon.
С There


A. has

I B. have to go to the country tomorrow. C. had.

A. stay

7. You ought B. to stay at home.

C. staying

A. knows

8. He B. knows to speak English.

С can

A. write

9. He should B. to write a letter.

С writing

A. see.

10. Do you want B. to see the film?

C. seeing

A. a

11. I hope John's got B. any money.

C. some

A. engineer

12. He is B. one engineer

C. an engineer

A. any

13. I'd like B. an eggs, please.

С some
A. a few

14. We've got B. a little eggs left.

C. a number

A. a lot

15. There aren't B. many people here today.

C. much


A. Is

B. Does she get up early every day?
С Has

17. Were you in Moscow last week? No, I A. didn't

B. weren't

C. wasn't
A. has

18. She often B. have a bath in the morning.

C. is having

A. loses

19. He B. has lost his hat last week.

C. lost

A. caught

20. They B. catch the 7.30 bus yesterday.

C. catches

A. isn't

21. Mary is here, but her parents B. wasn't

С aren't

A. hurries

22. He B. hurried because he was late.

C. hurry

A. Doesn't

23. B. Does she going to do anything today?
C. Isn't

A. watch

24. They B. is watching television at the moment.

C. are watching

A. did you do

25. B. do you do much work yesterday?
С did you

A. on

26. Who is she looking B. at ?

С. to

A. of

27. This is a nice piece B. off cheese.

C. -

Note :"-" means" nothing", "no word or words".

A. in

28. Our holidays are B. at August.

C on

A. at

29. They're listening B. to the news

С -

A. on

30. We came here B. at 1985.

С in

A. by

31. What's the matter B. with him?

С from
A. was fond

32.1 didn't know you B. are fond of music.

C. were fond


33. The children learnt at the lesson that water B. boils at 100 С.

С. to boil

A. going

34. We saw him B. go along the road.

C. to go

A. didn't know

35. The student wasn't able to do the translation because he B. not know some special terms.

C. doesn't know

A. my

36. This book is B. me

C. mine

A. you

37. She would like to meet B. your

C. to you

A. to them

38. Give the money B. them !

C. theirs

A. to discuss

39. The book B. discussed at the lesson yesterday deals with the problems of war.

С discussing

A. our

40. We're going to B. us favorite shop.

C. ours
A. warm

41. It is much B. warmer here.

C. more warm

A. that

42. She is not as old B. than I am.

C. as

A. very

43. He's B. more intelligent than I am.

С most

A. more careful

44. He drives B. very careful

C. very carefully

A. very hot

45. Yesterday was the B. most hot day so far this year

C. hottest

46. A. Where

B. Why wrote that letter?

C. Who

A. because

47. She went home early B. while she had finished her work.

С without

48. The new instrument A. is expect to help scientists solve many important problems.

B. is expected

C. was expected

49. The man A. seems to be a stranger here.

B. seem

C. is seeming

A. Than

50. I'm going home to change first. B. Then I'm going out for a meal.

С Therefore
Thousands of people travel every day. To prove it, I invite you to a railway or a bus station, a port or an airport. There you will see thousands of people trying to catch a train a bus, a ship or a plane. Everybody wants to go somewhere and to get there as quickly as possible, with all conveniences and safety.

Of course, travelling by plane is the fastest, but it is also the most expensive. That’s why if people have time they go by train. It is one of the most popular means of travelling. Trains go slower than planes, but you can see much more interesting places of the country you are travelling through. Modern trains are very comfortable and you can enjoy even the longest journey.

Travelling by sea is popular mostly for pleasure trips. On board large ships and small river boats people can visit foreign countries and different places of interest within their own country. A trip by sea is usually called a voyage or a cruise.

Buses also can take you to any place you wish. It can be a trip not far from your home or a long journey even to a foreign country. Modern buses have comfortable seats, video and phone, you can have hot tea or coffee, drinks and snack. Tourist groups usually use buses to visit foreign countries and different places of interest.

Many people prefer travelling by car. They don’t have to buy tickets. They don’t have to carry heavy luggage. They can stop wherever they wish and spend as much time as they like at any place.

But some people like spending their holidays travelling on foot or by bike.

If you feel like travelling by plane, by train or by bus, you have to choose a flight or a line, to go to a ticket office and buy a single or a return ticket. Sometimes you have to change trains or buses. Then you take your luggage and try not to miss your plane, train or bus. They usually arrive in time - your wonderful journey begins. Have a nice journey.

As for me, I have never travelled far from my home. I and my family usually spend holidays at my Granny’s in the country. But last year we went to the seaside.

It was so exciting. I hope, next year I shall visit London. It’ll be great.
airport аэропорт

arrive прибывать

bike велосипед

boat лодка

bus автобус

bus station автобусная станция, вокзал

catch успеть

change делать пересадку

choose выбирать

comfortable удобный

convenience удобство

cruise круиз, морское путешествие

flight полет

journey поездка, путешествие

baggage багаж

means способ, средство

miss опаздывать

on board the ship на борту корабля

on foot пешком

railway station железнодорожный вокзал

return ticket билет в оба конца

safely безопасно

seaside побережье

seat место, сиденье

single ticket билет в одном направлении

snack легкая закуска

spend проводить время

through train экспресс

ticket билет

ticket office билетная касса

Here is my passport вот мой паспорт

I’m on a business trip я в командировке

I’m visiting my я приехал к моим родственникам


I’m just passing through Я здесь проездом

I’ll be staying… я пробуду здесь несколько дней

a few days, a week

I’m sorry, I don’t understand Простите, я вас не понимаю

Here is my customs declaration Вот моя декларация

I have nothing declare Мне нечего указать в декларации

Here is my baggage Вот мой багаж

Do I have to pay duty on this? Мне надо платить за это пошлину?

May I bring this in? Это можно провезти?

Customs officer таможенник

Where is the baggage claim area? Где я могу получить багаж?

Here are my baggage claim checks. Вот мои багажные бирки

Where can I get baggage cart? Где можно взять тележку для багажа?

I need a porter Мне нужен носильщик

Be careful with that bag! Будьте осторожнее с этой сумкой!

A suitcase is missing! Не хватает одного чемодана!

Where is the lost and found? Где стол находок?

Baggage Check-In Регистрация багажа

Baggage Claim Получение багажа

Cart Rental End Прокат багажных тележек

Cashier Кассир

Flight Information Информация о рейсах

Gates Open 1Hour Prior to Departure Стойки начинают работу за 1 час до отправления

Ответьте на вопросы

  1. Can you prove that thousands of people travel every day?

  2. How does everybody want to travel?

  3. What is the fastest way of travelling?

  4. What can you say about traveling by train?

  5. Is travelling by sea popular?

  6. What is a voyage?

  7. Can buses take you at any place you wish?

  8. Why do some people prefer travelling by car?

  9. Is travelling on foot popular?

  10. What do you have to do if you feel like travelling?

  11. What was your last journey (trip, voyage) like?

  12. Where will you go in summer?

It goes without saying that I prefer to have meals at home. At the weekend I like to get up late and have a good breakfast of scrambled eggs or pancakes or something like that. But on weekdays I’m always short of time in the morning. So I just have a cup of strong tea or coffee and a couple of sandwiches.

As I spend a lot of time at the institute it’s necessary just to keep me going. That’s why I have to go to the school canteen to have lunch. Our canteen laves much to be desired we don’t have much choice there. But I enjoy my evening meal at home. My mother is a wonderful cook and her dinners are always delicious and various.

To begin with we usually have some salad – tomato and cucumber or mixed salad. For the first course we have some soup – noodle, mushroom, or cabbage soup or maybe some fish soup for a change. For the main course we have meat, chicken or fish dishes, for example, steak or fried fish with spaghetti or potatoes (boiled or fried). We also have a lot of vegetables. I prefer meat to fish but my mother makes me eat fish from time to time. She says it’s good for my brains. For dessert we have some fruit or just a cup of tea with a slice of cake, or an apple pie.

Of course when you don’t want to cook or you don’t have time you can go to a restaurant But it has become rather expensive now a days.
Scrambled eggs яичница

Pancakes блины

to have a snack перекусить на ходу

canteen буфет, столовая

leaves much to be desired оставляет желать лучшего

first course первое блюдо

noodle лапша

roast жареный

sour cream сметана

tasty вкусно

dessert десерт

to have a sweet tooth быть сластеной

milkshake mix молочный коктейль

orange juice апельсиновый сок

pizza пицца

To book a table заказать столик

Do you have a table for me? У вас есть столик для меня?

Menu, please Меню, пожалуйста

Please bring принесите пожалуйста

Would you like some…? Не хотите ли немного …

I am on a diet Я на диете

A green salad and afterwards some fruit Пожалуйста, овощной салат, а затем фрукты

Can you prepare a salt-and-spice-free meal for me?

Не могли бы вы приготовить мне что-нибудь без соли и специй?

Can you recommend me something? Что вы можете порекомендовать?

Cheque please чек пожалуйста

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