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«Разработка внеклассного мероприятия для 5-8 классов

по английскому языку «English Spring»

Маркова Ирина Васильевна

Шугало Светлана Васильевна


  1. Цели мероприятия:

- Приобщение к культуре страны, изучаемого языка.

- Стимулирование познавательного интереса.

2. Задачи:
- обучающие:

- формирование и развитие ключевых компетентностей учащихся в различных видах речевой деятельности (говорении, аудировании)

- развивающие:

- развитие коммуникативных и творческих способностей учащихся, расширение их кругозора.

-воспитание толерантности, уважительного отношения к культуре народов стран изучаемого языка, любовь, дружелюбие, уважение, милосердие друг к другу, друзьям, родителям.

-повышение мотивации учащихся к изучению иностранных языков.
^ Тип занятия: литературно-музыкальный концерт на английском языке

  1. Формы работы учащихся

  2. Необходимое техническое оборудование:

компьютер, проектор, экран, презентация в Power Point,

музыкальное сопровождение.

Сценарий концерта «ENGLISH SPRING».

Слайд 1.

1: Hello, Juliya. You look very beautiful today. It is for you. ( a flower)

2: Thahks a lot. I think all girls are nice in spring. By the way, do you like spring?

1: Yes, of course. And our festival is called «English Spring» today.

2: Good afternoon, dear girls and boys, teachers and guests.

1: We are happy to see you here.

Слайд 2.

2: Today we get together to speak about spring.

1: Julia, what does spring mean to you?

Слайд 3.

2: Well, spring means a season and the pupils of the seventh forms agree with me. Now they will tell you about it.

1: You are welcome.

( poems about spring, 7 forms, 10 pupils)(Слайды 4-6)

^ Spring, Almost

The sunshine gleams so bright and warm,
The sky is blue and clear.
I run outdoors without a coat,
And spring is almost here.

Then before I know it,
Small clouds have blown together,
Till the sun just can't get through them,
And again, it's mitten weather.

Spring, spring is coming soon,
Grass is green and flowers bloom,
Birds returning from the south,
Bees are buzzing all about,
Leaves are budding everywhere,
Spring, spring is finally here!

^ March Wind

March wind is a jolly fellow;
He likes to joke and play.
He turns umbrellas inside out
And blows men's hats away.
He calls the pussy willows
And whispers in each ear,
"Wake up you lazy little seeds,
Don't you know that spring is here.

^ Winds Of March

Winds of March, we welcome you,
There is work for you to do.
Work and play and blow all day,
Blow the winter cold away.


Never mind March, we know
You're not really mad
Or angry or bad.
You're only blowing the winter away
To get the world ready
For April and May.


April is a rainbow month,
Of sudden springtime showers.
Bright with golden daffodils
and lots of pretty flowers.

The roofs are shining from the rain,
The sparrows twitter as they fly,
And with a windy April grace
The little clouds go by.


May's a month of happy sounds,
The hum of buzzing bees,
The chirp of little baby birds
And the song of a gentle breeze.

The grass is green.
Flower blossoms I have seen.
The days are warm.
By evening it cools.
It's time to find the garden tools.


Spring makes the world a happy place
You see a smile on every face.
Flowers come out and birds arrive,
Oh, isn't it grand to be alive?


I love the spring.
For every day
There's something new
That's come to stay.
Another bud
Another bird
Another blade
The sun has stirred.


A small green frog
On a big brown log;
A black and yellow bee
In a little green tree;
A red and yellow snake
By a blue-green lake,
All sat and listened
To red bird sing,
"Wake up, everybody,
It's spring! It's spring!"

Слайд 7.

2: Thank you very much for your poems. So everybody knows that spring is a beautiful season of the year. And what else?

1: Do you know that in Great Britain people will celebrate Mother s Day on the 18th of March this year?

2: Really?In Russia we have Women s Day on the 8th of March every year.

1: Yes, we give presents, flowers, cards to our mothers, sisters, grannies, girlfriends. It is a very busy day for us, you know.

2: Konstantin, don t you think that a nice song is a very good present too?

1: Oh, yes. Now let us listen to a very popular song «May there always be sunshine»

( 5 form, the song «May there always be sunshine»/ Пусть всегда будет солнце)

(во время звучания дополнительно включить другую презентацию с песней)

Music by A.Ostrovsky Words by L.Oshanin

1. Bright blue the sky,
Sun up on high,
That was the little boy's picture,
He drew for you,
Wrote for you, too,
Just to make clear what he drew -
May there always be sunshine,
May there always be blue skies,
May there always be Mummy,
May there always be me!

2. My little friend,
Listen, my friend,
Peace is the dream of the people,
Hearts old and young
Never have done
Singing the song you have sung.

^ 3. Soldier lad, stay!
Hear what we say -
War would make all of us losers.
Peace is our prize,
Millions of eyes

2: Thank you very much. And I am sure that poems are the best present for any holiday. Now we invite the pupils of the 6th forms to tell us some poems for our dear mums.

1: You are welcome.

Слайд 8 ( 6 forms, poems about mother, 10 pupils)

My dear, dear mummy!
I love you so much.
I want you to be happy
On the eighth of March.
Be happy, be happy
On the eighth of March,
Be happy, be happy
On the eighth of March.

Mom is such a special word

The loveliest I've ever heard

These words to you, above all the rest,

Mom, you're so special,

You are simply the best!

I like the way you look,
I like the way you cook,
Now I want to say:
«Happy Mother’s Day!»

^ 1. Mommy I love you
More than you see
You have always been there
When I needed you to be

I know I don't show
How great my love is
But I need you to know
All the love or you I have to give

2. I wish there was more
For you I could do
But all I can say
Is how much I love you
It is deeper than the oceans
Higher than the sun
I could shout it forever
And still not be done

I know a face, a lovely face
As full of beauty as of grace,
A face of pleasure and of smile.
In darkness it gives the light.
A face that is itself like joy,
To see it I’m a happy boy.
And I have a joy that have no other.
This lovely woman is my mother

1. Today is Mother's Day.
Let's help Mama.
I'll make breakfast.
You make lunch.
I'll do the dishes.
You do the shopping.
Let's help Mama.
It's Mother's Day.

2. Today is Mother's Day.
Let's help Mama.
I'll sweep the bedrooms.
You make the beds.
I'll clean the kitchen.
You do the laundry.
Let's help Mama.
It's Mother's Day.

1. Who said “Goodnight”,
When I was a child?
My mother.
Who dressed my dolls in clothes so gay
And showed me often how to play?
My mother.

2. Who ran to help me when I fell
And who could funny stories tell?
My mother.
Who sits at my head when I am in bed?
My mother.
Who is so nice, who is so kind,
Another so dear you’ll never find?
My mother.

2: Thanks a lot for kind words about mothers.

1 : Julia, have you got many friends?

2: Yes, of course. And I notice that many people make friends in spring when it is sunny and warm, you can walk with your friends all day round.

1: Yes, you are right. Spring is a great time for friendship.

Слайд 9.

2: And our little pupils tell us about their friends.

1 : You are welcome, dear friends.

( 5 form, poems about friends, 5 pupils)

^ I cannot ease your aching heart

Nor take your pain away

But let me stay and take your hand

And walk with you today!

I’ll listen when you need to talk

I’ll wipe away your tears

I’ll share your worries when they come

I’ll help you face your fears.

I’m here and I will stand by you

Each hill you have to climb

So take my hand, let’s face the world

Live one day at a time!

I had a box of crayons,

All shiny, straight and new.

I lent a friend one crayon,

And—oops—it broke in two!

My friend said she was sorry,

But I said “ I don’t care,

Because now we both can color

With one crayon-we can share!

We have joined together as classmates

As the new year begins…

A year full of learning

While we become friends.

We’ll share and be kind

As we work and play.

And our friendship will grow

With each passing day.

1.And Lisa will sing a very funny song “ Fairytale”

Слайд 10

^ Years ago, when I was younger,
I kinda liked a girl I knew.
She was mine, and we were sweethearts
that was then, but then it’s true

I’m in love with a fairytale,
even though it hurts
‘Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind
I’m already cursed.

^ Every day we started fighting,
every night we fell in love
No one else could make me sadder,
but no one else could lift me high above

I don’t know what I was doing,
when suddenly, we fell apart
Nowadays, I cannot find her
But when I do, we’ll get a brand new start

^ I’m in love with a fairytale,
even though it hurts
‘Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind
I’m already cursed

She’s a fairytale
Even though it hurts

Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind

I’m already cursed

2 : Thank you very much.

1 : Julia, do you believe in love?

2 : Yes, of course and I think everybody believes that spring is a big time for love. Many people fall in love in spring. Kostya, what is the best way to show your love?

Слайд 11.

1: Well... Maybe it is a romantic song of your heart.

2 : Yes you are right, there are many romantic songs in films about love. Have you seen «Titanic»? Let us remember the world famous song from this film. Welcome Anastasiya.

Слайд 12. (Anastasiya , a song from «Titanic»)

Every night in my dreams 
I see you. I feel you. 
That is how I know you go on. 

Far across the distance 
And spaces between us 
You have come to show you go on. 

Near, far, wherever you are 
I believe that the heart does go on 
Once more you open the door 
And you're here in my heart 
And my heart will go on and on 

Love can touch us one time 
And last for a lifetime 
And never go till we're one 

Love was when I loved you 
One true time I hold to 
In my life we'll always go on 

Near, far, wherever you are 
I believe that the heart does go on 
Once more you open the door 
And you're here in my heart 
And my heart will go on and on 

1. Thank you for your song. It was great.

2 : Now I d like to invite a very talented girl who knows many songs about love and hurt.. Juliett, you are welcome.
Слайд 13 (Juliett, a song «Hurt» )
1 Thanks , Juliett. It was fantastic.

2 : Konstantin, what about you ? Сan you sing your favourite song right now?

1: No problem. «Where is my mind ?» specially for you.
Слайд 14 ( Kostya, Juliett, Alex with a song «Where is my mind ?» )

1: So , it is time to finish our musical festival «English Spring». Julia, can you tell me now what spring is for you?

Слайд 15.

2 : Spring is a beautiful season for beautiful girls.

1: And spring is Mother s and Women s Days for attentive boys and men.

2 : Spring is a great time for friendship.

1: And spring is a big time for love.

2 : We wish everybody love, friendship, happiness this spring.

1 : Be happy, friendly, fall in love and do not forget about your mothers.

2: Thank you for your attention, and good luck.

1 : Good bye. See you next year.


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